The Heart Behind Creative


It’s so important to establish our vision, because everything we do has to come back to our vision. If it’s not achieving our vision it’s not worth us giving our time to (because let’s be honest, none of us have enough time to be wasting it!).

At Creative, we have a scripture that is the foundation of everything we do. It’s found in John 15:8, where Jesus was teaching His disciples just before He went to the cross.

“Show that you are my disciples by producing much fruit. This will bring glory to my Father.” John 15:8

At Creative we are whole-heartedly committed to fulfilling the three aspects of this verse:

  1. Bringing glory to God

    Everything we do is to glorify God. It’s to honour Him, please Him and to make Him known. This is the very heart of why we exist.

  2. Being disciples

    Every member of Creative is a disciple. A follower of Jesus. Every single member is constantly growing closer to Jesus and becoming more like Jesus.

  3. Bearing fruit

    Everything we do is to bear fruit. It’s to be effective for God’s kingdom. Ultimately the fruit we want to see is people growing as followers of Jesus.

Now, you might be thinking “That’s a great vision, but it’s pretty generic. How do we that in Creative? How do we use our creative talents and skills to fulfil that verse?” Well I’m glad you asked!

In Creative we have three key character traits that we want to be a key part of our lives. These traits define how we use and develop our creative talents and skills to fulfil Jesus’ instructions. Our three key traits are:


We get a picture in our heart of where we are going. And this is not just any picture, but it’s God’s picture. We spend time with God, asking Him to implant His vision in our hearts. Then we see this on the inside and we pursue it until we see it come to pass on the outside.

I challenge every member of Creative to grow as a visionary. Spend time getting God’s vision in your heart for your life, for your Creative team, for Breakthrough as a whole…and for our community! By spending time with God you will find that He will probably put some pretty BIG dreams and visions in your heart. Don’t be daunted by this, but embrace it. And I challenge you to not just have dreams in your heart, but grow and work with your team to see those go from dreams to reality!


Now like I said we want God to give us creative vision and ways to bear the fruit we talked about earlier. And I challenge every member of Creative to find ways to fulfil this vision that are innovative. Ways that are creative. Maybe ways that have never been done before.

These ideas are not our own, but they come from God’s Spirit in us. He gives us creative wisdom and ideas to be innovators and trendsetters in our fields.

I challenge every member of Creative to always be thinking and praying about new things you could do, new innovations you could implement and new ways you could be more fruitful.


We do everything with a heart and an attitude of excellence. You know in everything we do, in our lives and as part of Creative, we are representing Jesus. And I believe that if we are to effectively reflect Jesus through what we do then it should be the very best. Our Creative skills and presentation should be world-class, in fact I believe as Christians we should be setting the standards that the rest of the world is trying to reach –

because we have God’s very Spirit inside us!
I challenge every member of Creative to be an expert. Let’s never settle for “good enough” but let’s always be growing, developing our skills and reaching for greater ways to represent Jesus through our crafts!

Now, we combine those three heart attitudes with our key scripture in John 15 to put together our vision for Breakthrough Creative:

Breakthrough Creative is a group of disciples who glorify God and bearing fruit by being visionaries, innovators and experts.

That sums it up! That’s who we are and that’s what we do. Now it’s up to you to take that vision and run with it in your craft.

If you’re a photographer, then you do go be fruitful as a visionary, innovator and expert. Or if you’re a musician. Or a lighting technician. Or a film-maker. Or a web designer. Or a graphic artist. Whatever talents God’s put in you. Whatever dreams He’s put in your heart. You pursue them. You grow and use them to bear fruit and glorify God.

And the greatest thing is that as part of the team, we can do so much more together than we could do by ourselves! We can help each other grow. We can use our different talents and skills to work together. We can use our crafts to serve the mission of Breakthrough and see so much fruit.

And at the base of it, undergirding every other element, every single member of Creative is a disciple. We are passionate followers of Jesus, growing closer to Him and helping those around us grow closer to Him all the time!

Now that about sums it all up. I trust in all this you have caught our heart, you have grown in your vision and you are as excited about the future as I am!