A Brief Overview of Creative and our Vision

Hey There!

Welcome to Breakthrough Creative! Can I begin by saying just how excited I am to have you joining the team today! I love being a part of the amazing group of people that is Breakthrough Creative, and I’m so glad that you are joining that team and the exciting journey that we’re on together.

You know Creative is made up of a lot of very different people. We have very different backgrounds and very different stories. We often come with very different skill sets (some much larger than others…) but we’ve been brought together on this journey and I love seeing how TOGETHER we can do so much more than the sum of our parts.

It’s an honour to have you joining the team today. You know I can’t promise the road ahead will all be smooth sailing or that we’ll do everything perfectly, but what I can promise you is that together we will GROW to be more like Jesus and find more creative ways to glorify Him here on earth. And I promise that we will do that as a team, as a family. We will do our very, very best to help you grow along that journey so that you don’t just become the most highly-skilled and technically-proficient in your craft, but that you find your groove and grow in every single area of your life!

As I said, it’s my joy to welcome you today. The rest of this document outlines some key parts of our vision as Breakthrough. I’d love you to not just read through it, but really soak it up. Let this vision get in your heart. Let it become YOUR vision – and together let’s see all the awesome things God has in store!

Yours in vision, innovation and expertise,